Friday, October 23, 2009

Updated Project Descriptions

Thanks to Jen and Harrell for their patient listening and commenting, and to Hannah for the inspired presentation the other day, which is helping me sort through the piles of ideas, 'stack the functions' and get moving

Lexa Walsh Current Projects 2009-2010

Anywhere, Oakland, Portland, Philadelphia, Paris@ Béton Salon, New York @ apexart, New York at Smack Mellon. Future site specific projects ideas for Japan, Taiwan, India to be discussed at a later date

· Access to & Exchange of Knowledge & Resources
· Identity/Place/Personal & Collective histories
· Travel/Mobility/Occupying Space

Jingle Orchestra
The Jingle Orchestras are transient, impermanent grouping of musicians, writers and interested persons to “think positively” and write ‘cheerful advertisement songs’ about the places they live and work. I started the project in Jyderup, Denmark and it has continued in Oakland, California, Ljubljana, Slovenia, and Tábor, Czech Republic. I continue to initiate and collect songs from different cities; Paris, New York, Portland & Philadelphia Suburbs are planned this year, to eventually make a compilation CD. The goals are to bring both friends and strangers: professionals and amateurs alike, together and discuss/discover a sense of place though public and collective thought and nostalgia, and build community through song. The public is invited to come to a variety of meetings in various locations, to improvise together in a short time and make these jingles. It is hoped that the Jingle Orchestras will continue on their own.
Locations: Anywhere

Journeys/Tourism/Monuments/Souvenirs/Mapping/Community Bulletin Board
Similar to Show Me Your Ljubljana, Jyderup Journeys, Oakland and Other Journeys…
Locations: Portland, Paris, New York, Philadelphia

Community Building Square Dance for Artists and Others
An interactive performance that invites artists and others in need of networking and problem solving to identify their strengths and weaknesses and share them with both friends and strangers through a led dance. This project has been realized in Oakland, CA.
Locations: Portland, Paris, New York

First Impressions
Business Cards for un/under or wrongly employed people. Please introduce yourself and your situation and I will make you a custom set of cards.
Location: Anywhere

There’s art & there’s Art. “Affordable” art tends to mean cheap ugly prints, while “Real” Art usually implies an inaccessible and incomprehensible market. fäkart makes affordable decorative art that can add beauty and style to anyone’s life. Artists are paid by the hour, inflated prices based on WPA standards from 1938 to create custom or copied artwork based on our clients’ needs.
axel fäkart – abstract acrylic paintings- custom & copies
horst p. fäkart – photography
PLEASE APPLY to be added to the Artist Roster
Location: Portland

Free Design Services NEW!
Everyone deserves good interior design. Studies have proven the relationship between good design and good society. Sometimes all it takes is a can of paint or furniture placement. I will provide free design consultations in exchange for the client opening their house (? to be decided), once design changes have been made. Consultations include assessing the clients’ personalities, style and needs. Addressing the needs through furniture arrangement, accessorizing, color choices, and research of outside sourcing needs.
Locations: Portland, Paris, New York

Personal Recipes NEW!
In collaboration with Nicole Penoncello, we will visit Gardeners in Portland that may not know how to maximize their crops with a variety of recipes. We will design cookbooks based on their crops, likes and skills
Location: Portland

Neighborhood Histories NEW!
Interview neighbors about current and past histories, personalities, events.. Make signage (brass/wood plaques) & post.
Locations: Portland, Oakland

Art & Social Practice Library & Portland Artist Resource Center NEW!
This Library & Resource Center are aimed at both the Portland State MFA students and the General Public.
For the Students:
an Opportunity Board, a Resource Exchange Board, Personal Files for each student with work samples, CV, ephemera and printed matter from their practice, Books and Objects reflecting the needs and interests of the students,
Articles and cards reflecting contemporary art issues and practice, International Gallery/Artist files, Consultations for writing proposals and budgets.
For the Public (slated for Winter 2010 onward, in a public storefront in downtown Portland (Based as an Education and Recruitment center):
Books about contemporary art, Articles and cards reflecting contemporary art issues and practice, International Gallery/Artist files, Consultations for writing proposals and budgets for artists, Contemporary Art Education Seminars
Location: Portland

Cheer for Hire NEW!
Need a lift? Hire A Cheer offers a custom cheer to counter lack of motivation, self-pity, and disappointment. The exchange starts with a discussion or letter describing what is getting you down. I will make a custom cheer for you that can be delivered in person or by video or MP3. I am neither a psychologist nor a therapist, so my services are aimed at non-clinical depression. Also seeking fellow cheerleaders to visit events that need cheerleaders.
Location: Portland

Airline Safety Par Course @ PDX UPCOMING!

Walsh Family Museum UPCOMING!


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