Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Recipes from October 25 with Natalie Jerimijenko

Lentil Soup
This could be constructed a million ways, but here's a really simple version
Saute 3 onions, a half head of garlic, some shallots, and a bunch of peeled, chopped carrots (& celery, if you have some) with S & P and red chili flakes til onions are translucent and sweating
Add a few cups of green lentils, stir, and add water or stock to fill the pot (how many cups depends on how thick you like it- I like a thinner soup)
Season water, if using, with soy sauce, molasses and tomato paste, plus more S & P if necessary
You can always add a heel of hard cheese to extract a sweet, nutty, salty flavor
Cook on medium til lentils are just tender, not mushy

Kale, Chanterelles and Carrots
How lucky to get chanterelles!
Peel and julienne carrots
Steam carrots for a few minutes in a covered pot with a bit of water and dash of salt
Finely chop a whole head of garlic
Carefully clean mushrooms with a towel, and chop roughly
Clean and chop kale, including most of the stem
Saute garlic in olive oil, add mushrooms and cook til mushroom extract a lot of juice and brown slightly
Drain mushrooms, put aside, and reserve liquid
Steam kale in the same pan with a lid, the liquid from cleaning will act as a steaming agent
Combine kale, mushrooms and carrots with a little S & P
Use mushroom liquid in soup, make a sauce with a little roux, or drink it up!

CousCous with Dijon-Tahini Dressing
Here's another thing you could make in a variety of ways. Today's version:
Toss measured couscous with olive oil, salt, ras el hanout (a moroccan spice), and currants until each grain is separated
Add the equal amount of boiled water and cover
Fluff with a fork and Serve with a bit of dressing on top

Dijon-Tahini Dressing
Mix or blend a heap of dijon mustard, a heap of tahini, a shallot, S & P, 1 part cider vinegar and 3 parts olive oil til combined. Adjust flavors if necessary

Wealth Underground Farm supplied the kale, carrots, and chanterelles (amazing!)
Thank You!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Your Garden Cookbook at Field Work, 10/29-11/15

We're pleased to announce the new project by artists Lexa Walsh and Nicole Penoncello: Your Garden Cookbook

Your Garden Cookbook at Field Work, October 29 - November 15, 2010

We’ll be using the Field Work space as a workshop: researching, gathering and sharing recipes, photos, our first cookbooks, cooking and gardening tips, plus there will be visits from local chefs and gardeners. Field Work is a new project space started by PSU MFA and Graphic Design students and faculty. Field Work is located at the corner of SW 11th & Jefferson in Portland.

Come by to talk, look, exchange, request a cookbook... Your experience, tips and participation are welcome!


Friday, October 29, 6-8 pm: Opening reception, presentation of project, samples of recipes using produce from participating gardeners

Saturday, November 6, 12-2 pm: Cooking workshop with chef David Barber, owner of Three Square Grill, and Lexa Walsh of YGC

Saturday, November 13, 12-2pm: Urban Gardening workshop with Nolan Calich and Chris Seigel of Wealth Underground Farm

Thursdays November 4th & 11th 12-4 pm
Fridays November 5th & 12th, 2-4 pm

Monday, October 25, 2010

"Jingles- they are the 'Tweets' of Music"

a quote from musician Rolf Wilkinson

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Assisting Steve Beatty has been great, as he has allowed me a lot of freedom and respect to co-teach with him. We both think similarly about traditions and rules (no thanks!) and want the students to have a lot of fun working on projects that explore contemporary issues while learning the basics of 3D.
My first project was based on Irwin Wurm's one-minute sculpture, turned into three-minute sculptures- a project to explore collaboration and immediacy

Recipes for October 18th with Clare Rojas

Massuman Curry
Sauté lots of chopped onions, garlic, ginger and galangal in vegetable oil til onions are tender
Add a heap of massuman curry paste and some more oil, if necessary. Some curry pastes are really freaking hot, so know what you are dealing with
If not veg, now is a good time to add some squirts of fish sauce and some brown sugar
Add chopped potatoes and carrots
Stir around in the oil, then add a few cans of coconut milk. It’s fattening- get over it
You can supplement some lemongrass stock or vegetable stock if you are on a diet
When simmering, add a big scoop of peanut butter, S & P to taste
When potatoes are soft, add other vegetables, like summer squash and peppers
Cook til just tender, and add a big handful of fresh basil leaves before serving

Rice Salad
Cook sushi rice 1:1-1/4 rice:water ratio
Use a rice cooker if you have one- it really does perfectly cook rice. Otherwise, bring rice and water to a boil, cover and lower heat dramatically. Cook til no more steam appears. Do not let steam out!
When cool enough to touch, lay out rice on a pan and add chopped celery, shallots, ginger, grated carrots and dried currants- mix with hands, trying to separate grains. Add a splash of seasoned rice vinegar, mirin, and oil (try flavored oils if inclined)
Add chopped cilantro and basil or any other fresh herb you’d like, toss, and eat

Beets, Greens & Apples
Fresh beet greens are so wonderful, both earthy and tart
Roast beets in foil, clean greens well and chop
Chop crisp apples and dress with lemon juice
When done and cool, peel and chop beet roots
Toss together and eat with or without dressing

Wealth Underground Farms supplied the beets, squash, onions and peppers
Thank you!

Music Research

Smithsonian Folkways has some great titles for labor songs, among others.
Amazingly, not all are the Pete Seeger folk tunes we think of. There's a song on the record "Songs of Steel & Struggle" about Pittsburgh by Joe Glazer that is a veritable chipper jingle!

Shine A Light, Recording Session

Sean Flora's studio is filled with fun! He's a great engineer- I highly recommend

Being flexible to the needs and time constraints of the staff, we ended up recording a lot of the songs for them, though the staff was very involved in writing the words, some of the melodies, and directing the accompanying videos. It was interesting to be working on two simultaneous collaborations, one with the staff, and one with the musicians: Sean, Garth, Jessica and Dan
Rob Bearden, Operations Manager, recorded his own, incorporating 40 members of his staff

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Shine A Light

I collaborated with various staff members of the Portland Art Museum to write, record and perform jingles about their respective jobs. We made snappy work songs with the staff, offering a voice to the often behind the scenes workers that make the museum function.  The songs got even snappier when I collaborated with some fellow musicians. Music videos were projected throughout the evening in the passageway connecting the two buildings, and live performances took place throughout the night.

Somehow two of our band members were missing for this performance...

Guest and Member Services
Straight ahead
to the left
Follow the

Welcome to
The museum, we're fine
55 is senior
Is this your first time?

You can apply
Your tickets today
Maybe that money
Can get us a cafe

Special Exhibitions
Is up the stairs
We don't sell film tickets
If anybody cares

Spotlight is
Our guidance bright
Please don't crash
On Shine a Light

Go through the glass doors
& take a right
Into the other lobby
Have a Good Night!

-Kristy Abero, Shelly English, Jennifer Shumway,
Cicely Waters, Stacie Webb, Kirsten Wray
& The Portland Jingle Orchestra

When eating lunch upon your desk,
to clean your crumbs would be the best,
‘cause if you don’t the mice will come
and leave you with a pile of dung

-Greg Henderson
& the Portland Jingle Orchestra

Meetings and emails,
Emails and meetings…

Welcome to education
We develop and implement programs
We get to work with artists and students
Families and teachers and docents
We're the link to the awesome people
The good vibe, good hearted do-gooders
We try to do more than most humans
We're the rusty squeaky hinge that holds the door open...

Meetings and emails,
Emails and meetings…

-Amy Gray, Tina Olsen, Jillian Punska & The Portland Jingle Orchestra

The Director's Offices
They call me the White Swan in the Castle
Sometimes Rapunzel is referenced too
I love my job but
it gets lonely here
I invite them up
to visit me
We’re not Divas we’re
just regular folk
We compliment each other we are a
good team we are a good team we are

97 or 99 steps
to the best office in town!

-Elizabeth Thomas & The Portland Jingle Orchestra

We’re Operations, we’re Guest Relations
We make you comfortable and welcome while you’re here
We’re information, member applications
Rules and regulations, It’s stuff you need to hear!

I’m an audio guy, I’m the eye in the sky
I roam the galleries every night
I dump the trash, I count the cash
I hear visitor complaints and make things right

I’ll direct you, And I’ll connect you
I’m the guy you call when you need Lost & Found
I polish all the brass, I trim the shrubs & mow the grass
I paint and I buy coffee by the pound

I set up chairs & tables, I manage lights and cables
I take the air conditioning apart
I greet you at the door, I mop & buff the floors
We say politely, “would you please not touch the art !

We are Operations, we meet your expectations
By constant observation; we’re lookin out for you
We’re Operations; visitor orientation
Emergency evacuation, and housekeeping too.

I smile when guests are snotty, I’ll help you find the potty
I’ll call a taxi, if you need a lift
I power wash the walk, I run the loading dock
We’ll even help you find that special gift

I keep the phones in order, give you parking meter quarters
I’ll call the paramedics when you faint
I’ll rent you a Chris Mooney, or draw you a cartooney
I use a brush and roller when I paint

I’m your event space connection, I expect perfection
I hand out the i-pod tour
I’ll show you great event space, help you load your road case
I make sure the place is secure

I’ll check yer coat & bag, give you a numbered tag
I’ll run your credit card and put yer purchase in a bag

We are Operations, we want your visitation
To lead to conversation that hooks you up with art
When you come through our door, we want you to explore
Just ask us and we’ll show you where to start
-Rob Bearden and The Operations Staff:
Marc Jordan, Bill Spainhour, AJ Beatty, Andrea Watkins, Anthony Sutter, Big Mike Gilliam,
Carlton, Derek Schrick, Diane Ramey, Dot Lukin, Doug Froman, Eric Heyer, Gage Mace, Georgeanne, Greg Muhr, J Swofford, Jasena Lovric, Jennifer Zika, Jocelyn Bray, Jon Reynolds, Kirk Keen, Kyle Embelton, Liana Potof, Luke Christian, Mark Anderson, Michelle Betcone, Mike Tabor, Milissa Ferrari, Miro Lovric, Mitch Welliver, Paul Scarpelli, Randy Richmond, Sascha Langsten, Sean Whiteman, Seann McCollum, Ted Smith, Victor Sabula

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Recipes for October 11th

October 11th, with Mel Chin
Mushroom Barley Soup
Cook barley like you would brown rice- 1 part barley to 2 parts water. Bring to a boil, lower heat, cover and simmer til plump. Set aside
Pour boiling water over dried mushrooms (1 part mushrooms to 5 parts water) and cover for 10 minutes until mushrooms are soft. Squeeze out liquid and chop mushrooms. This liquid will be your stock, or you can use other stock or water
Sautee chopped onions, garlic and plenty of thinly sliced fresh mushrooms, along with the chopped reconstituted mushrooms. There could be some carrots and celery in there too, if you wish. Simmer until lots of juicy mushroom liquid has formed, but not long enough for it to have evaporated.
Add a genrous splash of sherry or vermouth and cook for a minute
Add your stock, some soy sauce, S & P, fresh thyme, a dash of molasses, and bring to a boil, making sure the flavors are intense and that there is plenty of liquid
Add the barley, lower heat, and cook for just 10 minutes or until flavors have melded, but barley has not expanded, which it has a way of doing

Summer Lasagna
I use the lasagna noodles that needn’t be cooked first
Roast peppers: toss in a really hot oven or grill until blackened. Remove from heat, place in a paper bag or bowl, cover and steam. When cool, remove skins, stems and seeds without using water
Sautee chopped onions and garlic til tender
Add thinly sliced summer squash, chopped roasted peppers, S & P and red chili flakes
Make sauce (summer or winter tomato sauce, depending on what’s available), and make it wet
Layer roasting pan with sauce, lasagna sheets, more sauce, grated cheese (parmesan, mozzarella, … whatever you like), filling, and so on, until you have at least three layers
Bake in a preheated 400 oven for 20-30 minutes
Best to make enough sauce for ladling on top
Garnish with fresh parsley or basil

Greens with dressing

 Wealth Underground Farms provided the squash, peppers, onions, & carrots. Thank you!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Recipes for October 4th with Tina Olsen

Roasted Tomato, Pepper and Squash Soup
Thanks to Jen and Daniel for their plethora of gorgeous tomatoes!

Toss a roasting pan full of any tomatoes you have growing with olive oli, salt & pepper.. if they are really big, cut them in half. Add a head of garlic with the top cut off
Roast at 375 for about 45 min-an hour or until shriveled and juicy
If you can fit it in your oven, roast some whole peppers and a whole acorn squash at the same time. When done, peel and chop them
Sautee a large, chopped onion til tender in a large soup pot
Add tomatoes and their juices, and squeeze the roasted garlic in
Add a pinch of sugar and simmer until it starts to reduce
Add the roasted peppers and squash, stock or water to cover, chopped basil and parsley, a few bay leaves, a dash of red chili flakes, and simmer for about 30 minutes, or more if you want to let the flavors meld… depends on how hungry you are
Blend, or not, (if you do, don’t forget to remove the bay leaves) and serve with a dollop of something creamy, like roasted pepper cream or aioli or herbed yogurt..

Impress Your Friends Bread
Leftover spreads from our lovely weekend

Peach-Rosemary Ice Cream
In your frozen Ice Cream maker, put
1-1/2 cups cream
1-1/2 cups milk
1 cup sugar
1 cup of chopped, peeled peaches
a teaspoon of chopped rosemary

let it churn, and in 1/2 hour, you'll have some serious YUM