Saturday, October 3, 2009

Things to contemplate

In addition to various committees, projects, classes & readings, I have a far too large list of potential focuses- Current/Ongoing unfinished or un/under realized projects and ideas...
++ Journeys/Mapping/Tourism/Monuments/Souvenirs/Community Bulletin Board..
++Library: Articles/Cards/Info Center.. 'P.A.R.C.' (Portland Artist Resource Center)
++Neighborhood (contemporary) histories/Current Events with signage
++Jingles/Promo Videos
++ Collections/Museum (apply to Mark Dion class?)
Airline/Toys/Chotchkies/Walsh Family/...
Photo portraits/piles/groupings/classifications/archives/lists/repurposing...
++Family: Museum: Getting to Know You/Documents/Jingles/I.P./Tongueties Video..
++Airline: Par Course
++First Impressions: Business cards for Un/Under/Wrongly Employed
++Axel Fakart: Copies & Custom decorative art pieces, similar to the price of IKEA 'art'. Get paid an hourly wage as per the WPA (considering inflation)
++ Free Design Services: Bringing Interior Design to Everyone
++Delhi: Mathematically consider division of Rickshaw Drivers vs. money & kilometers it would take to support each of them
++R5 Paoli Local: Collect stories openly & create LED screen for waiting travellers
++Cheerleading: Show up at random sporting events and cheer for all teams
++Job List: Self Portraits with various hats & accessories to illustrate artists' multiple skills
++Community Building Dance

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