Saturday, October 10, 2009


The library is starting to get filled up with goodies- First, thanks to Connie & Zach for getting down and dirty last week to move the furniture around, and Jen's insight about the file cabinet.

I brought in hundreds of cards from art shows/events I have attended worldwide in the last 15-20 years, articles I have taken from art rags, and a few books I dare lend out from my collection.

I would like everyone's opinion on the fun world of archiving. How can it be the most user-friendly?

I think with the show cards: put them in binders by either artist or gallery/space. Then by city, state, country.. If there are doubles one could cross reference, however, I am more interested in referencing by space so it can be of double use. Say a student/visitor is checking out the scene in Berlin. It will be easier to go to the Berlin section than the artist section.. and s/he can check out which venues do what.. However, there can be a master list in the binder that mentions which artists are in the Berlin section.. and so on.

Maybe this is why I am a professional organizer for my job.

Thoughts are welcome. So are donations of books, zines, articles, categories, etc.

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