Thursday, May 26, 2011

Meal Ticket: the first monthly staff luncheon in PAM Trustee Boardroom

The Guests:
Jillian: Education
Michelle: Gift Shop
Kirk: Events
Amy: Education
Angela: Accounting
Susan: Security
Elizabeth: Director's office
Greg: Education
Luke: Guest Services

le Menu:
Mushroom & Spinach Tart with caper & preserved lemon herb sauce
Roasted Potatoes with roasted garlic aioli
Salad with roasted pepper tahini ginger dressing

The Conversation:
Cooking with recipe exchange, and all that came along after

Hi Five trophy at PAM, from Sara to Dede

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Some Artworks that need cheers

Some Hats, Wigs & Dos for SAL

Recipes for the final PMMNLS (boo!) with Rick Lowe (yay!)

Panzanella (this is the perfect recipe for stale bread & fresh tomatoes)
Chop or tear a loaf of crusty stale Italian or French or Pita bread. Best not use hippie bread. Could be interesting with a dense German/Danish style, though
If it isn't quite stale, toss in in a low over for a half hour to dry it out
Pour and toss with good quality olive oil
Whilst the bread is soaking up the oil, roughly chop fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, parsley and garlic- add to the bread, with a big spoonful of capers, some fresh oregano and a generous squeeze of lemon juice
Season with S & P and you are good to go
Add feta for fun
You can also make a nice extra dressing with dijon, olive oil, lemon juice and preserved lemons- whisk together and drizzle on top
Eat within a few hours