Sunday, October 17, 2010

Shine A Light

I collaborated with various staff members of the Portland Art Museum to write, record and perform jingles about their respective jobs. We made snappy work songs with the staff, offering a voice to the often behind the scenes workers that make the museum function.  The songs got even snappier when I collaborated with some fellow musicians. Music videos were projected throughout the evening in the passageway connecting the two buildings, and live performances took place throughout the night.

Somehow two of our band members were missing for this performance...

Guest and Member Services
Straight ahead
to the left
Follow the

Welcome to
The museum, we're fine
55 is senior
Is this your first time?

You can apply
Your tickets today
Maybe that money
Can get us a cafe

Special Exhibitions
Is up the stairs
We don't sell film tickets
If anybody cares

Spotlight is
Our guidance bright
Please don't crash
On Shine a Light

Go through the glass doors
& take a right
Into the other lobby
Have a Good Night!

-Kristy Abero, Shelly English, Jennifer Shumway,
Cicely Waters, Stacie Webb, Kirsten Wray
& The Portland Jingle Orchestra

When eating lunch upon your desk,
to clean your crumbs would be the best,
‘cause if you don’t the mice will come
and leave you with a pile of dung

-Greg Henderson
& the Portland Jingle Orchestra

Meetings and emails,
Emails and meetings…

Welcome to education
We develop and implement programs
We get to work with artists and students
Families and teachers and docents
We're the link to the awesome people
The good vibe, good hearted do-gooders
We try to do more than most humans
We're the rusty squeaky hinge that holds the door open...

Meetings and emails,
Emails and meetings…

-Amy Gray, Tina Olsen, Jillian Punska & The Portland Jingle Orchestra

The Director's Offices
They call me the White Swan in the Castle
Sometimes Rapunzel is referenced too
I love my job but
it gets lonely here
I invite them up
to visit me
We’re not Divas we’re
just regular folk
We compliment each other we are a
good team we are a good team we are

97 or 99 steps
to the best office in town!

-Elizabeth Thomas & The Portland Jingle Orchestra

We’re Operations, we’re Guest Relations
We make you comfortable and welcome while you’re here
We’re information, member applications
Rules and regulations, It’s stuff you need to hear!

I’m an audio guy, I’m the eye in the sky
I roam the galleries every night
I dump the trash, I count the cash
I hear visitor complaints and make things right

I’ll direct you, And I’ll connect you
I’m the guy you call when you need Lost & Found
I polish all the brass, I trim the shrubs & mow the grass
I paint and I buy coffee by the pound

I set up chairs & tables, I manage lights and cables
I take the air conditioning apart
I greet you at the door, I mop & buff the floors
We say politely, “would you please not touch the art !

We are Operations, we meet your expectations
By constant observation; we’re lookin out for you
We’re Operations; visitor orientation
Emergency evacuation, and housekeeping too.

I smile when guests are snotty, I’ll help you find the potty
I’ll call a taxi, if you need a lift
I power wash the walk, I run the loading dock
We’ll even help you find that special gift

I keep the phones in order, give you parking meter quarters
I’ll call the paramedics when you faint
I’ll rent you a Chris Mooney, or draw you a cartooney
I use a brush and roller when I paint

I’m your event space connection, I expect perfection
I hand out the i-pod tour
I’ll show you great event space, help you load your road case
I make sure the place is secure

I’ll check yer coat & bag, give you a numbered tag
I’ll run your credit card and put yer purchase in a bag

We are Operations, we want your visitation
To lead to conversation that hooks you up with art
When you come through our door, we want you to explore
Just ask us and we’ll show you where to start
-Rob Bearden and The Operations Staff:
Marc Jordan, Bill Spainhour, AJ Beatty, Andrea Watkins, Anthony Sutter, Big Mike Gilliam,
Carlton, Derek Schrick, Diane Ramey, Dot Lukin, Doug Froman, Eric Heyer, Gage Mace, Georgeanne, Greg Muhr, J Swofford, Jasena Lovric, Jennifer Zika, Jocelyn Bray, Jon Reynolds, Kirk Keen, Kyle Embelton, Liana Potof, Luke Christian, Mark Anderson, Michelle Betcone, Mike Tabor, Milissa Ferrari, Miro Lovric, Mitch Welliver, Paul Scarpelli, Randy Richmond, Sascha Langsten, Sean Whiteman, Seann McCollum, Ted Smith, Victor Sabula

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