Thursday, October 21, 2010

Recipes for October 18th with Clare Rojas

Massuman Curry
Sauté lots of chopped onions, garlic, ginger and galangal in vegetable oil til onions are tender
Add a heap of massuman curry paste and some more oil, if necessary. Some curry pastes are really freaking hot, so know what you are dealing with
If not veg, now is a good time to add some squirts of fish sauce and some brown sugar
Add chopped potatoes and carrots
Stir around in the oil, then add a few cans of coconut milk. It’s fattening- get over it
You can supplement some lemongrass stock or vegetable stock if you are on a diet
When simmering, add a big scoop of peanut butter, S & P to taste
When potatoes are soft, add other vegetables, like summer squash and peppers
Cook til just tender, and add a big handful of fresh basil leaves before serving

Rice Salad
Cook sushi rice 1:1-1/4 rice:water ratio
Use a rice cooker if you have one- it really does perfectly cook rice. Otherwise, bring rice and water to a boil, cover and lower heat dramatically. Cook til no more steam appears. Do not let steam out!
When cool enough to touch, lay out rice on a pan and add chopped celery, shallots, ginger, grated carrots and dried currants- mix with hands, trying to separate grains. Add a splash of seasoned rice vinegar, mirin, and oil (try flavored oils if inclined)
Add chopped cilantro and basil or any other fresh herb you’d like, toss, and eat

Beets, Greens & Apples
Fresh beet greens are so wonderful, both earthy and tart
Roast beets in foil, clean greens well and chop
Chop crisp apples and dress with lemon juice
When done and cool, peel and chop beet roots
Toss together and eat with or without dressing

Wealth Underground Farms supplied the beets, squash, onions and peppers
Thank you!

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