Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Recipes from October 25 with Natalie Jerimijenko

Lentil Soup
This could be constructed a million ways, but here's a really simple version
Saute 3 onions, a half head of garlic, some shallots, and a bunch of peeled, chopped carrots (& celery, if you have some) with S & P and red chili flakes til onions are translucent and sweating
Add a few cups of green lentils, stir, and add water or stock to fill the pot (how many cups depends on how thick you like it- I like a thinner soup)
Season water, if using, with soy sauce, molasses and tomato paste, plus more S & P if necessary
You can always add a heel of hard cheese to extract a sweet, nutty, salty flavor
Cook on medium til lentils are just tender, not mushy

Kale, Chanterelles and Carrots
How lucky to get chanterelles!
Peel and julienne carrots
Steam carrots for a few minutes in a covered pot with a bit of water and dash of salt
Finely chop a whole head of garlic
Carefully clean mushrooms with a towel, and chop roughly
Clean and chop kale, including most of the stem
Saute garlic in olive oil, add mushrooms and cook til mushroom extract a lot of juice and brown slightly
Drain mushrooms, put aside, and reserve liquid
Steam kale in the same pan with a lid, the liquid from cleaning will act as a steaming agent
Combine kale, mushrooms and carrots with a little S & P
Use mushroom liquid in soup, make a sauce with a little roux, or drink it up!

CousCous with Dijon-Tahini Dressing
Here's another thing you could make in a variety of ways. Today's version:
Toss measured couscous with olive oil, salt, ras el hanout (a moroccan spice), and currants until each grain is separated
Add the equal amount of boiled water and cover
Fluff with a fork and Serve with a bit of dressing on top

Dijon-Tahini Dressing
Mix or blend a heap of dijon mustard, a heap of tahini, a shallot, S & P, 1 part cider vinegar and 3 parts olive oil til combined. Adjust flavors if necessary

Wealth Underground Farm supplied the kale, carrots, and chanterelles (amazing!)
Thank You!

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