Monday, January 18, 2010

Time for a change - seeking squad members and fashion advice

As I have exhausted almost every location in my house and every "in situ" clothing ensemble, it is time to move the cheers out of the house and into the gym, or somewhere public, as well as find an outfit that suits me and my concerns for not over-sexualizing or fetishizing the "cheerleader". It has been pointed out by Derek, however, that I need to fess up to the ritualistic nature of the cheers. So maybe I'll try to avoid both goth and sexy fashion statements and see what I can come up with...
Any ideas?

By the way, I have subscribed to American Cheerleader magazine. Interesting research!
Does anyone want to join me for the Oregon State Cheerleading Championship at the Rose Quarter in February?

It is also time to add to the group with the addition of a squad. Since I have tried to reach the PSU cheerleaders and failed, I'm going to have to go DIY and make an alternative squad not dissimilar to the one in cheerleading cult flick Bring it On Again. I am now accepting DIAL-a-Cheer Squad Members. Members are expected to put in about an hour every two weeks and be willing to offer sincere good will without compromising their personal ethics.

The ethical questions will eventually arise. What if my nephew wanted me to make him cheer for his military service? He is still in college but is already signed up for 3 years. That'll be a tricky one: wishing him love and support while explaining my very strong position and concern about war & the military industrial complex, as well as his personal safety and the safety of his potential opponents. Very tricky.

Meanwhile, I've made a number of cheers for strangers this week and they are now featured at apexart. I am curious about the response. Was I able to offer as much cheer to strangers as I was to friends and colleagues?

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