Sunday, January 31, 2010


I have recently been confronted with a new chore-turned habit: READING
It's just not that easy for my low-fi attention span. However, when I can concentrate, it can be really fun; especially colorful writers like Thierry Deduve, Boris Groys, RAQs Media Collective, and those wonderful graphic novel-esque lessons in philosophy.
I should make both a personal canon and a bibliography. In fact it was suggested to make an annotated bibliography for life. Not a bad idea.
For the time being, some of my proposed (by me, fellow students and faculty) extracurricular reading list:
Documents in Contemporary Art:
The Everyday
Shoppenhauer as Educator (Nietzsche)
Methodologies (James Clifford)
Transmitting Culture (Regis DeBray)
Letters from Prison (Antonio Gramsci)
Six Years: The Dematerialization of the Art World (Lucy Lippard)
Introducing Cultural Studies (Yes, one of those groovy graphic novels)
The Subversive Imagination (Carol Becker, editor)
This Is Our Real Job (Temporary Services)
Exchange Rate: On Obligation and Reciprocity of Some Art in the 1960's.. (Miwon Kwon)
Culture of the Positive (Barbara Erenreich)
The Power of Compassion (The Dalai Llama)
Air Guitar (Dave Hickey)
US Cheerleader magazine

Hmmm, and where else do I fit into art history?
er, performance art, new genres public art, er... . Maybe I'll figure it out after doing some reading.

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