Saturday, November 7, 2009

Some old cheers

I called out to my siblings to help me remember cheer rhymes and rhythms and here's what they came up with. Interesting that there as many negative ones as positive. I shan't be using that tactic, nor shall I be using these words, but it's interesting research. Next stop is a visit with the Vikings Cheerleaders at PSU- We can teach each other a few.

Hipza, zooza

Chickaroom bazoo

F. Skiddy von Stoddy

Mr. Foo-Man-chu

Teddy roo

Teddy ra

Teddy ruddy duddy fuddy duddy

Sis boom ba

Harvard, Harvard, rah rah rah!

V for Villanova

V for victory..

Re-TARD them, Re-TARD them!
Make them relinquish the ball!

Put 'em in the graveyard, oooh, ah!
Put 'em in the graveyard, oooh, ah!

Sittin on a suitcase thummin a ride,

We're gonna give a cheer to the other side,

Were gonna knit one, pearl two,

La la, woo woo.

We're gonna' win, win, we're gonna' win, win, we're gonna win, win! How?!

....repeat above.....How? !


We are the {Blue Wave}, couldn't be prouder! If you can't hear us, we'll shout a little louder!

Thunder, thunderation, who's the best team, in the nation - we are, we are......

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