Monday, November 2, 2009

Non-departmental Electives

Searching through the course catalog on Halloween night, I got very excited by the prospects of taking my elective, choosing something that would be edifying and/or relate to my current practice somewhat directly. Considering my practice, that gives me a lot of choices.
So.. here are some possibilities:
Communications - particularly interesting are:
Family Communications - interesting for my upcoming family museum project
Interviewing - a practical aspect of many of my projects
Music - Anything will do, apply to the musician side of me, and help with Jingle writing
Phys Ed - though each class is about 1 credit, a selection of dance classes would benefit the cheer leading project
Theater - Love the stage - on & off. On is just beautiful, fun, and gives comfort in working with the public, off could benefit installation, building techniques, etc.
Mockumentary - if hands on, beneficial for making 'promo' videos
Anthropology of Food- the title sounds good but needs more investigation
Historical Archaeology, Civic Leadership, Urbanization, African American Community Development, Feminist Philosophy, Globalization, Comparative Politics...: There's something to gain from every one.

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