Monday, January 3, 2011

January Plans

Yikes. I have no idea what I cooked for the last two meals. Rushing off for tour at the end of last term with Kačkala changed my focus...  Meanwhile some interesting opportunities abound:

I have been invited to compose music for Erik Ehn's "michiyuki" (Noh traveling songs). I collaborated with Erik, Suki O'Kane, and many other Bay Area musicians and actors in 2008 for Theatre of Yugen's Cycle Plays. 
In Noh plays, there is a moment when the chorus chants the Michiyuki, or “travel song” describing the character’s travels. The vocals often include the place name and description of the setting as well as the events of the journey. In kyōgen, journeys and excursions are known as Michiyuki, with the performers usually reciting lines while circling the stage. After the Michiyuki, a line is included to indicate the character’s arrival at their destination, which is known as the tsuki-zerifu, or “arrival line.”
This should be a remarkable experience.

Some of us in SoPrac are collaborating on a public art/design project with the Center for Sustainable Solutions, which is both interesting and providing new challenges, serving a specific public, under specific guidelines. We are creating a multi-use space that is slightly utopian, very user friendly, and as green as we can go (which is not so easy, btw).

The Library is Open!
The library/resource center is officially set up again, and open: Wednesdays from 2-5, or by appointment. The library is located in the back room of Field Work. We have a ton of new show cards/artist info from recent visits to New York and San Francisco, as well as new book titles and updated periodicals. Come visit, research, work and have some tea.

Field Work
We are meeting this week to curate the next months of exciting events & projects. We received over 20 proposals, so I look forward to the space being truly active.

Food Cart Songs
are gearing up... Cyrus made me a sweet comp of work songs to add to my research.

Your Garden Cookbook
Nicole and I are now working on some final details of the current cookbooks, meeting new participants for spring, adjusting our focus a little, and hope to take a slight break for winter. 

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