Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Summer Loving & School Daze

Yay. School has started. I'm not being facetious. After returning from the Condensations of the Social collaboration in NY, which was tricky but in the end successful, I spent my summer with plenty of projects floating around in my head and starting to get activated, but somehow the lack of time structure mixed with trying to find a job, failing, and the guilt of being a housewife left me less productive than I would have liked, and now it is coming to bite me in the rear... Wow, that is a run on sentence.

Some things to check out are the new Your Garden Cookbook blog, which is up and running. Nicole and I have started two cookbooks and are slowly finding solutions to many questions that have come up for us. Aesthetic choices, printing, format, purity of concept, web vs. object, etc. I can tell you writing a cookbook is not as easy as I thought. I did intern for two different professional cookbooks, as a food stager and a chef- both great experiences. Don't forget we have a show at Field Work in late October, where we'll give cooking lessons, share recipes, and more. We welcome contributions, feedback and participation. 

Oh yeah, the Monday Night Cookbook. I promise to never design anything in Microsoft Word agin. I swear. Coming... better late than never.

Speaking of cookbooks, they will be in Stephanie Syjuco's Shadowshop at SF Moma in the late fall through spring. We are figuring out a way to make recipe cards that can be chosen individually to make your own cookbook.

Bohemian Omnimedia is, after failing to find work, my solution to be employed in Portland. Unfortunately I didn't really finish it until the summer's end, when I had no time to actually implement the plan. I am prepared for next time, however. It is half conceptual art project, half reality check business proposition. Maybe some parts of it are more of one than the other... . Surely we'll discuss it. Meanwhile, I am accepting participating artists to join me in messing with the art world system to make pretty, decorative, affordable art under the name Fäkart. 

Jen, Pat, Kate, Nicole, Josh, Justin Flood ( Graphic Design student extraordinaire) & I started busting butt on the 11th & Jefferson PDC space formerly known at the Mandrake Museum / Hotel Mandragoria. temporarily called SuperGeneric (sigh), now Field Work, we have created a modern, flexible space for classes, workshops, events, projects, exhibitions and a home for the library. There is still a lot of work to do but we will have an open call for projects in the late fall.

Another work in progress is my jingle writing with the staff of Portland Art Museum for Shine A Light. It took a while to break them in, but now I have a number of departments ready, willing and able to participate. I shall say no more as it is coming soon to a museum near you.

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