Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Smack Mellon

This long term collaboration was a little tricky. It was hard to foresee the final 'product' from afar: not only how the relationships would emerge with the sites of alternative pedagogy in DUMBO, our on-site collaborators, but also how the installation would look. It was also challenging to negotiate different working modes among our core group, especially as time closed in. The interesting result, though, was a project with multiple, complex visions that felt complete and flawlessly blended. I often think about music as the ultimate and easy collaboration model- one person generally couldn't make what the group could, so collaboration is the natural manner to complete the final goal. In music and other performance there is a certain magic that often happens with the group. With an art model, especially with a visual component such as an installation, there's a general history and understanding that one person could pull everything together, or at least one person would be credited for it.
Just one of us couldn't or wouldn't have had this final vision. It was worth the challenge.

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