Friday, May 21, 2010

art trips & visiting artists

Swinehart, Nicole, Jillian, Derek and I had a brainstorm & beer session at the Candlelight yesterday afternoon that resulted in these lists. Everyone is welcome to do some research so when the discussion does arise, we can enter it informed.

Mexico City: Cross-culture, galleries, museums
LA: Museums, galleries, the counterpart to NY
San Francisco: Has become a a diverse art scene and excellent museums. We could work it out to go for First Thursday (SF) and First Friday (Oakland), plus visit San Jose, Napa, etc.
London: Expensive, but fab..
Montreal: Feels like Europe, interesting snowstorms, tons of artist run spaces
Vancouver: Artist run spaces, West Coast Photography
Detroit: No one will go for this, but there are tons of interesting DIY projects going on, mostly involved with reclaiming the city
Minneapolis: Walker, galleries
Boston & Mass Moca: Also doubtful, but Mass Moca has been cited as a favorite among us

Too Many Suggested Artist Lecturers:
Gus Van Sant
Simon Starling
John Waters
Lucy Lippard
Storm Tharpe
Santiago Sierra
Gabriel Orozco
Enrico Chagoya
John Berger
Nina Katchadourian
Eileen Gallagher
Christine Wong Yap
Emily Vey Duke
Coco Fusco
Anna Oxygen
Chris Jameson
Josh Keyes
Brian Jungian
Kara Walker
Jon Rubin
Miwon Kwon
Claire Bishop
Jo Jackson
Miranda July
Waalid Ra'ad
Dave Hickey
Olag Breuning
Zoe Leonard
Steve Lambert
Sophie Calle
Lawrence Wechler
Martha Rosler
Mona Hatoum
Harry Dodge &/or Stanya Kahn
Nao Bustamante
Guillermo Gomez Pena
Francis Alys
Cabinet Magazine
Robert Irwin
Jen Southern and Jen Hamilton
Michael Pollan
Rosa Lee Goldberg
Hal Foster

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  1. don't forget potential group show names! oh wait, we haven't come up with any. but i have two ideas..

    -surprise trust falls
    -good in bed

    uh, that's all i got.