Monday, February 22, 2010

New York New York

In New York, they're scared of the snow
In New York an unconnecting flow
Gospel singers on the subway
Kindness is the professional way
But it's ok to look up at the sky
Sparrows and red tail hawks will fly
It's a city with vigor and heart!

That's the jingle written with the New York Jingle Orchestra:
Antony Hudek, Pauline Hudek, Laurence Kopelovich, Matt Bua, Barbara Steveni, Pam Kray, Julian Gilbert-Davis and me, on Wednesday, February 17th at apexart.

We also wrote a quieter number celebrating the Artist Placement Group.

Next day, I hosted a Cheer-a-Thon, where we continued the work of the PomPom People, performing cheers for Dial-A-Cheer project. Cheerleaders included Stacey Rubin, Michelle Swinehart, Katy Asher, Julia Knight, Antony Hudek, Pauline Hudek, and me.


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